Sencor Hand Mixer SHM6203SS

6,800 8,900

  • 5-speed levels for all types of recipes
  • Turbo button for maximum speed
  • 2 types of attachments: Set of whisks for whipping whipped cream, creams, mashed potatoes, spreads, egg whites, and yolks; Set of kneading hooks for kneading dough
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Thermal fuse against overheating
  • Power input 300 W
  • Length of power cord: 1.2 m

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while making cake dough, egg pudding, whipping cream, or mashing potatoes now becomes very easy as the Sencor hand mixer is here to make your work easier and save lots of time.

Sencor hand mixer has two stainless steel shafts blade, which perfectly blends the cream or any other food item. For whipping cream this National hand blender is perfect as it has specially designed cream whipping paddle shafts.

No need to worry about the motor overheating as the sencor hand mixer has a solution to every problem. It contains a thermal fuse that protects the overheating, thus saving the product and your money also.

Along with mixing it can also perform kneading that perfectly kneads the dough for making cakes and other items. So hurry up what are you waiting for?? Go and grab your sencor hand mixer and make your kitchen the home of innovation!!!

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