Sencor – Hair Curling Iron (7551RD)

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  • 1.8m Cord Length
  • Hot Air Curling Iron
  • 25mm Diameter
  • 2 Temperature Level Settings
  • Special Ceramic Surface With Ionizer
  • 7 Exchangeable Attachments
  • Microprocessor-Control Temp (120-200C)
  • Thermally Insulated End
  • Anti-Slip Handle
  • Auto Shut Off After 1 Hour
  • Hanging Loop
  • 360 Swivel Power Cord
  • Ionization Function Antistatic Effect

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Sencor Hair Curling Iron 7551RD

Quality hair curling iron gives the perfect curls to the hair, so Sencor gives you the Sencor Hair Curling Iron 7551RD which is perfect for any type of hair curling with the latest technologies and functionalities.

For making different curling designs Sencor Hair Curling Iron 7551RD has 7 different attachment pieces with different curling heads giving you different designs every time.

With thermal insulated and anti-slip grip, it becomes easier to operate without burning your hand.

Along with its latest feature, it is also a safe curling device with an auto-shutdown feature that automatically shuts down the device if it is left operational for 1 hour.

1.8 m long safety cord gives you a free hand to connect Sencor Hair Curling Iron 7551RD to any nearby socket easily.

Weight 15 kg