Philips MP Dry Iron GC160-MP

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The best gliding soleplate

Affinia is the new Philips dry iron with DynaGlide soleplate, which glides easily on the garments. The soleplate with the slim tip, comfortable handle with texturing and elevated temperature control make the iron easy to use

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Philips new dry iron GC160-MP comes with DynaGlide coating is one of the best Philips soleplate coatings. It never sticks to the clothes as it is more scratch resistant and it glides more smoothly than an aluminum, non-stick or ceramic soleplate.

The slim tip of the Philips New dry iron GC160-MP soleplate and the button grove allows to reach easily in the most tricky areas, such as between the buttons, when making pleats and in the corners.
With 1.8 meter long cord it makes it super easy to move aroung any corner of the clothes, and can easily connect to every socket.
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