Philips MP METAL Kettle HD9355-MP

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  • Metal
  • Spring lid
  • Light indicator
  • 1.7 L

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For boiling-water you may need lots of things such as a pot, stove, natural gas but in those areas where natural gas pressure is low, boiling a single cup of water is very difficult. In order to solve this problem, Philips brings you the Philips Metal kettle HD9355-MP which is the only and fastest solution in those areas where there is an issue of low gas pressure.

For your convenience, it has a 1.7-liter water-storing jug which keeps the water warm for a longer period of time as it has internal insulation material that does not allow the heat to escape from the jug. Just connect the switch to the socket and the water starts boiling in just a few seconds.

With its light indication feature, Philips metal kettle HD9355-MP detects the boiling of water and gives an indication when the boiling point is attained. so no need to worry about overheating or burning out of the heating base element. By clicking the button on top the spring lid automatically opens up and makes it easy to pour the liquid out of the jug with its spout shaped edges. So bring home this Philips metal kettle HD9355-MP and make your kitchen work easier.

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