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  • 400 W
  • 1.5 L Plastic Jar
  • 2 speed and pulse
  • 5 star serrated blade

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Philips Kitchen Blender

Philips has always look for the convenience of its customer by the quality products, This time Philips has brought an Amazing Range of Philips kitchen blenders that performs perfectly in every condition.

For perfect blending Philips kitchen blender HR2100 uses stainless steel razor-sharp blades for the smooth and neat blending of every food item either hard or soft.

Philips blender HR2100 has a Strong 400W motor for blending and mixing easily with maximum RPMs which makes ice into powder in just a few seconds.

it is perfect for any type of food material as it has a 2-speed function and a 1.5-liter plastic jar for storage which is made of shock and crack proof material.

Weight 15 kg