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  • Heavyweight
  • Durable
  • With Pilot Lamp
  • White Color

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Neat and clean ironed clothes give more charisma to personality. If you want to build up your appearance and want to have neat and crease-free ironed clothes, so bring home the national iron ND71. Some lightweight irons which may look durable, fail to iron the heavy clothes of winter as they cannot provide the required grip or press to the clothes fabric. But not to worry anymore as this National Iron ND71 has the perfect weight for any kind of fabric thus it gives a perfect finish after ironing the clothes.

For making it more durable, National iron ND71 has a metal soleplate and unbreakable plastic body which increases the lifetime of the product. Plus it also an adjustable temperature gauge that provides the exact required amount of heat to the clothes thus protecting it from burning.

Weight 15 kg