NasGas – Instant Geyser (DG12L)

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  • 12 Litre Tank Capacity
  • White Appearance
  • Auto Cut Off Protection Device
  • 99% Pure Copper Heat Exchanger
  • Anti-Freezing And Dry Protection Device
  • Water Control Auto Ignition
  • Zero Operation Water Pressure
  • Digital Temperature Gauge Meter

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NASGAS Instant Geyser 12L DG:

NASGAS is the symbol of quality and excellence and produces masterpiece products with maximum features along with elegant designs, so continuing its reign of excellence NASGAS present the stylish NASGAS instant geyser 12L in white colour which perfectly matches to every wall colour and adds extra beauty.

The body of NASGAS geyser 12L contains a digital temperature gauge meter for monitoring the temperature of the water and when the temperature of the water is reached maximum or the water tank is empty it automatically turns off by its auto cut off feature, hence saving the energy.

99% copper heat exchangers transfer maximum heat to the water for heating up, without wasting heat energy because copper is a good conductor of heat.

Other Features include Anti-freezing and dry protection, water control autoignition for automatic ignition of flame when the tap is turned on, zero operation water pressure along with a 1-year warranty.

Weight 15 kg

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