NasGas Gas Geyser DG15

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  • 70 Liters Tank
  • Dip Galvanized Coated Tank
  • Shell With 2 Pipe
  • Stainless Steel Element
  • Anti-Scale Rod
  • Rotary Thermostate

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Specifications of Nasgas Geyser DG15:

Geysers are one of the most used home appliances in winter, and among all NasGas geysers are liked by the customers the most.  NasGas not only provides the elegant design but also the quality and features.

NasGas Geyser DG15 has its iconic red color with a large 70-liter water capacity which provides enough water for a whole day without refilling again and again.

Water is the main element that corrodes the metal, so NasGas geyser DG15 has been embedded with the Dip Galvanized Coated Tank which protects it from corrosion and heat effects.

Geysers quality also depends upon the time it takes to heat up the water so NasGas geyser DG15 comes with the best quality stainless steel heating element which rapidly heats up the water.

Along with other features, NasGas geyser has an anti-scale rod for and rotary thermostat for efficient performance and monitoring the heat of water respectively.

Model DG15
Capacity7 Liters
Tank SpecficationGalvanized Coated
Element Material Stainless Steel
Additional QualitiesAnti Scale Rod
Weight 25 kg

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