Nasgas Gas Heater DG088

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  • Autoignition
  • Imported Double Burning Plates

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NasGas DG888 Gas Heater:

Nasgas has always produced masterpiece design and quality products which never fail in performing at their best.

NasGas DG888 gas heater is famous for its design and quality, having an auto-ignition functionality that turns on the heater with a single button without using any matches anymore.

Its plastic handles give a fine grip for carrying it even when it is operational. Nasgas never compromises on safety so NasGas DG888 gas heater comes with the fancy safety grills, which not only gives it a fancy look but also ensure the safety.

The higher the quality of the burning plates the higher will be the heating produced, so NasGas gas heater DG888 comes with the best quality double burner plates giving maximum heater experience.



Weight 15 kg


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