NasGas Gas Geyser DG35

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  • 200 Litre Tank Capacity
  • Dip Galvanized Prime Heavy Gauge Tank
  • 2 Litre GI Transmission Pipe
  • Pre Painted Prime Out Body With UV Resistant Paint
  • Prime Kimmco Insulation Density
  • QC Approved Brass Safety Valve
  • Grey Iron Casted
  • Thermal Efficient Burner

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 NasGas Gas Geyser Specifications:

NasGas presents NasGas Gas Geyser (DG35) with the latest technologies and lifetime performance. With a larger tank of 200 Liter water capacity which can be used for all-day after one-time filling.

All the metals catch rust and corrode when they come in contact with water, so to protect the walls and surface of NasGas Gas Geyser DG35 has dipped- galvanized prime heavy gauge tank providing lifetime protection to it.

It also has 2 liter GI transmission pipes for the flow of water throughout the geyser. To protect the outer covering of the Geyser, it is painted with UV resistant paint for protecting it from the UV rays of the sun.

The water in the NasGas Gas Geyser remains hot for a longer time due to prime Kimmco insulation density which does not allow the heat to escape in surroundings.

Its QC approved Brass safety valves are more reliable in preventing uncontrolled pressure rise which gives you a safe side while using NasGas Geyser.

Maximum heat is transferred to the water in the Geyser due to the thermal efficient Burner without wasting the heat.

Model DG35
Capacity200 Liters
Tank SpecficationGalvanized Coated
Element Material Stainless Steel
Burner Thermal Efficient
Valves QC Approved Brass Valves
Additional QualitiesAnti Scale Rod
Weight 25 kg

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