NasGas Cooking Range NG786

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  • Front Mercury Glass
  • Auto Ignition
  • Single Door
  • 5 Burners
  • Glass Top

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NasGas cooking range 786

Single or double burners not only feels big hurdles but also time-consuming when it comes to special occasions, you get a lot of guests, and then the need to cook more food also begins to rise.

But, NasGas cooking range 786 provides you with 5 burners that will fulfill all the need for cooking lets you cook as much as you want without having any negative effect on your gas pressure too.

NasGas cooking range 786 comes with a single and front mercury glass door not only will add a lot charm and attraction to your kitchen area but will also help you carry out the grill or make cakes at its best along with carrying out cooking special food on its top burners too.

NasGas cooking range 786 is an auto-ignition means with no use of match’s lets you just turn on the desire burner button and push its ignition on another side will directly start cooking.

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