Moulinex Deep Fryer AF165111



• Oil Capacity: 2.1L
• Food Capacity: 1.2L
• Bowl Coating: Non Stick Coating
• Automatic Lid Opening: Yes

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Deep frying in simple utensils may cause lots of oil wastage plus can be dangerous while using such high temperature boiling oil. Now Say Goodbye to the old frying method and grab the best deep fryer of Moulinex which not only consumes less oil but also is super easy to use, with almost zero chance of oil spilling or any other harm.

Moulinex has always provided the customers with the best kitchen products which fulfill the need. Moulinex Deep Fryers are considered the best deep fryers because it has a non-stick coating inside that keeps the natural taste of the food with an automatic lid opening when the food is ready. Moulinex deep fryer has 2.1 liters of oil capacity and 1.2 liters of frying capacity.




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