Nasgas Builtin Gas HUB DG555

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Heavy gauge non magnet steel top
– 1 Large Size Super Prime Burner and 4 sabaf Burners
– Grey Cast Iron Pan Trivets non stick paint coated
– Auto ignition 3v battery operated
– Dimensions: W-34ʺ l D-20”

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Normal gas burners or stoves may lack gas pressure due to some blockage or narrow burner holes, but not to worry now because Nasgas brings NasGas Kitchen Gas HOB with a wide design and big burners for maximum gas flow and brighter lames to cook your food evenly without any pressure lacking.

Nasgas Kitchen gas hob comes with a heavy gauge non-magnetic steel top that can resist high temperatures and never catches rust or corrodes, thus increasing the life of the Kitchen HOB.

With 34 mm width and 20 mm in diameter, it has 5 burner systems with 1 large supersize burner and 4 primary burners on the corners, providing extra space for cooking more items at the same size with the same gas pressure in all the burners.

Along with other features, the burners are also coated with Grey Cast Iron Pan Trivets with a non-stick paint which does not allow oil or gravy to stick on the burners, this makes kitchen Gas HOB super easy to clean after cooking.

With NasGas Kitchen Gas HOB get rid of the old method of using matches to ignite the burners, as it contains a 3V battery to operate an autoignition function, that ignites the burners by just spinning the knob once.

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