Kenwood – 18 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator (480VCM)

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  • 18 Cu. Ft.
  • Turbo Fan
  • Classic Brown
  • SECOP Compressor
  • R600A Refrigerant
  • Low Voltage Operation (170V)
  • Embossed PCM Sheet For Cabinets
  • Interior Dual LED Light
  • Anti-Fungal Detachable Gasket
  • 35% Energy-Saving
  • Aluminum Handles
  • LUMI Fresh Technology
  • 99.9% Purest Copper Inside Condenser
  • 25 Minutes Instant Ice Making
  • 5 Years Compressor Warranty

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Elegant and smart, Kenwood 18 cu. ft. classic refrigerator comfortable to keep anywhere along with its silent performance being equipped with SECOP compressor that feels a lot relax along with turbofan that keeps your refrigerator fresh and free form unpleasant smells.

An environmentally friendly equipped with R600A refrigerant, Kenwood 18 cu. ft. classic refrigerator also have an anti-fungal detachable gasket that prevents food spoilage protects both of your food and fruits from fungal or bacterial attacks.

Kenwood 18 cu. ft. classic refrigerator equipped with 99% purest copper inside condenser that helps improves the cooling performance along with refrigerators life too with keep making ice instantly in just 25 minutes.

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