Kenwood – 2 Ton Floor Stand AC (KEI2430F)

105,000 133,350


  • eImperial
  • Comfortable Airflow
  • Energy Saver
  • Gold Fins Condenser
  • 100% Copper Piping
  • 1 Year Official warranty

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Kenwood Imperial floor stand 2 ton KEI2430F

Kenwood imperial floor stand 2 ton is an inverter technology that will not only fulfill your need for cooling but an energy-efficient that will help saves you from paying high electric bills too.

Kenwood 2 ton imperial floor stand Kenwood imperial floor stand 2 to perfect for all seasons maintain your desire room temperature too.

Up to 50C, Kenwood 2 ton imperial floor stand performs great even at peak temperature that is perfect for any place.

Equipped with gold fins condenser that prevents leakages but also 100% copper piping even performs smoothly without any interruption at a low electric voltage or high temperature.

Weight 150 kg

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