Kenwood Floor Stand KEI-2444FHI Inverter



  • Color: White
  • Energy Saving up to 40%
  • Performs well even at 50 degrees (Cooling Mode)
  • Performs well even at -15 degrees (Heating Mode)
  • 150 Volt Compressor Start
  • Stabilizer Not Required
  • Installation Kit 100% Copper
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Refrigerant Gas R410A
  • Blue Fins Condenser
  • Twin Rotary DC Inverter Compressor
  • High Density Filter
  • Long Installation Pipe
  • Long Distance Air Throw
  • Five Years Compressor & 1 Year Parts

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The new Kenwood Floor Stand AC KEI2444FHI e Inverter Premier is the optimal choice for cooling and heating of large spaces be it your office, living room, lounge, or hall.

It is the only floor standing air conditioner that is up to 40% energy efficient with an unconventional design that accentuates your interior and can work on 150V only without compromising its performance which means that there is no need to attach any external stabilizer, thus lowering the bills.

Along with other features, Kenwood Floor Stand AC has a 100% copper kit which shows 0% electric resistance. Air Conditions may cause CFCs which damage the ozone layer, but not in Kenwood floor stand ac as it has zero ozone depletion potential with no Chloro-fluoro-carbon emission, plus it uses R410A Refrigerant Gas which is an eco-friendly gas.

Kenwood Floor Stand AC is durable and trustworthy because Kenwood gives a 5 years compressor warranty and 1-year parts warranty, making it a perfect choice for you to choose.




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