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Is it worth to buy TCL air conditioners?

tcl air conditioners

TCL Air Conditioners

TCL became operational in Pakistan in 2013 now became the leading player in the electronics industry in just a few years. The secret of the success lies in the high-quality end products that they deliver to their customers, supporting the TCL motto of “Affordable Premium Technology”.

Over the last few years, more customers have experienced the TCL Air conditioners with the latest feature and technologies which leads TCL toward a successful road. TCL Air conditioners have created their strong impact in a very short period of time and earned the trust of the customers by their performance and reliability.

The quality possessed by the TCL ACs are:

  • Inverter technology.
  • Heat and cool.
  • Low start-up without using stabilizer.
  • Full BTUs.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Powerful compressor.
  • Best quality circuits.

TCL – 1.5 Ton Inverter AC (TAC18HEB)

TCL presenting 1.5-Ton inverter AC, energy-saving low startup at 160V without compromising the heat and cool functioning, providing full BTUs and longer air throw at an affordable price.

TCL – 2 Ton Inverter AC (TAC24HEB)

TCL 2-Ton inverter AC heat and cool with full BTUs even at 45 degrees, energy-saving mode, and low voltage start-up without using stabilizers. Also having self-cleaning and ultra-quiet mode for the best sleeping experience.

 TCL – Miracle 1.5 Ton (TAC18T3B)

5D DC inverter technology with 18000 BTU functionality, with low noise performance with smart cleaning and leakage detection mode.

 TCL – Elite 1.5 Ton (TAC18HEG)

With 66% of energy-saving TCL Elite, 1.5-Ton comes with a dual rotatory compressor and intelligent photosensitive control feature.

TCL – 1 Ton Inverter AC (TAC12HEB)

TCL 1-Ton inverter AC with eco-friendly R410A refrigerant and smart airflow technology reaching every corner. It is an energy-saving device with full BTUs and super quiet mode.


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