Haier Refrigerator 368TBB – 13 Cu. Ft.

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  • 13 Cu. Ft.
  • Sanders Black
  • One Hour Icing Technology
  • Blue Turbo
  • 55% Energy Saving
  • 30% Faster Cooling
  • 100 Hours Cooling Retention
  • One-Touch Smart Control
  • 3 Years Warranty

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Haier Refrigerator 13 cuft 368TBB:

Haier refrigerator 13 cuft comes in a fully electric solution that will maximize your electric savings thus preserve your food efficiently keep maintains its health and hygienic conditions.

Haier refrigerator 13 cuft provides you the fastest balance cooling with UV technology not only makes it more time saving but also preserves your food in the safest and healthy environment too.

55% more energy-saving, it won’t disappoint you with the high bill but reduce your electric cost provides more efficient cooling performance too. Along with the boost cooling system, the temperature can pull down from 43C down to -OC serves your guest with cold drink and juice by its one-hour icing technology.

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