Haier Builtin Hob HCC309DGG

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Blue Flame
Flame Failure Device
Cast Iron Support
Type: Hob
No. of Burners: 3
Size: 87 cm

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Cooking is one of the most difficult tasks in the kitchen but it becomes worst when the burners or stoves lack the gas pressure or produce black carbon smoke. In spite of these problems Haier presents Haier Kitchen HOB HCC309DGG
that solves all of your cooking problems with ease.
Haier Kitchen HOBs are designed to produce blue flames that are not harmful such as yellow methane flames, thus gives a healthy cooking environment.
Also equipped with a flame failure device it automatically recovers in case of blockage of the burner and recovers the flames without disturbing your cooking session.
For more strength and durability, Haier Kitchen Hob is coated with cast iron or nonstick material which repels all of the great items to stick on the surface of the GAS HOB. This makes Haier Kitchen Hob super easy to clean after every cooking session.
Talking about the burners, Haier GAS HOB has 3 burners specially designed to cook more food at the same time with the same gas pressure. Say Goodbye to your old small gas burners as Haier Kitchen HOB has an 87 cm diameter which is perfect for cooking on a larger scale.
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