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Haier Freezers

Haier Freezers built to last and look good in your kitchen. The company offers a variety of chest and upright models in a wide range of sizes. They come with an adjustable thermostat control and easy-access defrost drain. This company has great reviews and offers a variety of appliances at competitive prices. You can see reviews to find the best one for your home. In addition, do not forget to read our buyer’s guide for additional buying tips!

Manual Defrost Drain

The 7.1 cubic foot freezer by Haier has an aluminum interior for durability and a manual defrost drain. A 9.2 cubic foot chest freezer from Haier has an interior light, four wheels with brakes, and a manual defrost drain for easy maintenance. The chest freezer also has an outside control for temperature. It holds up to 325 pounds of food and comes with a door handle, so it can easily move.

Haier Deep Freezers on Installment

If you are in the market for a new Haier Deep Freezer, you can find it on Aysonline.pk website, the official Haier store of top kitchen appliances in Pakistan. Aysonline.pk offers the lowest prices and makes it easy to pay. In addition to the lowest prices, Aysonline has a variety of payment options, including credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and e-wallets. For deep freezers, you can choose to pay for them in installments. With no interest, you can buy a Haier Freezer online and pay it off over time through Aysonline.pk.

You can save money on electricity with a Haier Deep Freezer. The energy efficiency rating of a freezer is express in terms of the electricity used per cubic foot of usable storage space. The energy efficiency of Haier freezers depends on its storage capacity. In Pakistan, the lowest-cost double-door model has the highest energy efficiency. If you need a larger capacity freezer, a triple-door freezer is the way to go.

Latest Haier Deep Freezer in Pakistan February 2022

Haier Deep Freezer HDF-385H 13.60 Cubic Feet 57,500
Haier Deep Freezer HDF-245SD 8.66 Cubic Feet 44,500
Haier Deep Freezer HDF-405SD 14.31 Cubic Feet 58,000
Haier Inverter Deep Freezer HDF-545INV 19.26 Cubic Feet 77,000
Haier Deep Freezer HDF-285SD 10.07 Cubic Feet 47,000
Haier Inverter Deep Freezer HDF-325INV 11.48 Cubic Feet 58,000
Haier Deep Freezer HDF-345SD 12.19 Cubic Feet 51,500
Haier Inverter Deep Freezer HDF-385INV 13.60 Cubic Feet 61,500
Haier Deep Freezer HDF-535 (New Twin Model) 68,500