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4 Star Rating
• 5 Way Evaporator
• Environment-Friendly R600a Refrigerant Gas
• Climate Class “T”
• Low Voltage Operation as Low as 125V
• Multi-Purpose Bottle Rack
• Dynamic Airflow (Optional)
• German Anti Bacterial Gasket
• Honey Comb Crisper Cover
• Humidity Control Crisper
• LED Light in Freezer and Cabinet
• Bigger Crisper Box
• Crisper with Wheels (Optional)
• Cabinet & Freezer Grid Shelves
• Elegantly Designed Recessed Handle
• Door Lock
• More Cooling Retention due to Thicker Insulation

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Gree has brought the amazing GREE Refrigerator Everest Series E8768G is one of the iconic series with modern technology and elegant design, that perfectly blends into your kitchen and gives your kitchen an iconic look. For more convenience, it has a 5-way evaporator which gives you maximum cooling in just a few minutes of its operations. Environmental pollution and ozone depletion are one of the most important issues of the world, and one of its cause is the CFCs which are produced by the refrigerators but not to worry now as this GREE Refrigerator Everest series works on R600A refrigerant, which is an eco-friendly gas and does not contribute in the ozone layer depletion.

One of the most amazing features is that it can be operational on 125 Volts which means that this Gree Refrigerator Everest Series is an energy-efficient device. In Addition, it also has a large storage area with a big crisper box for vegetable storage, an extra bottle rack & a specially designed freezer grid, for making ice. With its German Anti bacterial gasket that protects the food from spoilage and wasting, plus with its thick insulation it gives you hours of cooling retention even in power cut off.

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