Golden Fuji Hob ST-372 D

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  • Surface:Stainless Steel
  • Burner: 120mm+70mm+120mm
  • Pulse Ignition
  • Surface Size: 720mmx400mm
  • Cut Size:635mmx340mm
  • Gas Type:N.G

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Your kitchen deserves the best gas appliances which will not only increase the beauty but also give you the best cooking experience ever and you will enjoy your cooking time in the kitchen. For your assistance, Golden Fuji gas HOB 372-D is here for making your cooking easier and faster.

For protection from rust and corrosion, the Golden Fuji gas HOB has a stainless steel surface which increases the lifetime of the Gas HOB. With a longer and wider design, it can hold more than one large cooking pot for cooking more food at the same time, working on Natural Gas with brighter flames.



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