General – 2 Ton Inverter AC (24k Full DC)

113,000 130,000


  • Full DC Inverter
  • Bigger Indoor Unit
  • Deep Sleep
  • Double Swing Function
  • Low Voltage Startup (155V)
  • Long Air Throw
  • Dry Mouldproof
  • Self-Diagnose
  • Golden Fin Condensers

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General Inverter AC 2 ton

Electric power fluctuation or low voltage is where our most appliances especially fridges and air conditions damage easily. A lot of money goes in to waste and you spend more on its fixing too which even hard work for some.

But, General inverter ac 2 ton is here for your comfort as with a low voltage startup of just 155V helps you get rid of paying not just high bills but even stop worrying about the continuous fluctuation in voltage and low voltage too with its self-diagnosis function means in terms of any fault, fix itself keep performing normal with no hurdles in its operation.

General inverter ac 2 ton is a full DC inverter that helps you save up to 70% of electric cost even comes with a dry mold-proof that prevents it from fungal attack hence increase its life expectancy assure in providing a healthy fresh air.

An environmental friendly being equipped with R410 refrigerant gas along with a bigger indoor unit that cool or heat up your room from all of the corner lets you sit comfortably anywhere you want.

Weight 50 kg