Sencor MRM Citrus PRESS SCJ1051GR M

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Citrus Juicer

  • Runs in both directions for maximum juice extraction from the fruit pulp
  • Filtration strainer for catching fruit pulp and stones
  • Turns on/off automatically when the juicing cone is pressed

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Sencor comes with another amazing product, the electric citrus press which is Suitable for preparing fresh juices from citrus fruits (orange juice, lemon juice for tea, etc.) any time.
The Citrus press comes with two juicing cone sizes:

  • small juicing cone (best for limes)
  • large juicing cone (best for oranges)

For maximum juice extraction it is designed to run in both directions, which  squeezes all the juice from orange or lemon. Along with two way moving cone it also has filtration strainer for catching fruit pulp or other impurity such as dust, thus keeping the juice healthy and hygenic.

Sencor juicer ha an automatic Turns on/off feature when the juicing cone is pressed, swiping every drop of the juice from the orage or lemon slices. Cleaning the electric citrus press is super easy as all of its parts are detachable.

when extracting the juice the electric citrus press, the juicer may slip and spills the juice allaround but not in the case of SENCOR citrus press as it has Anti-slip feet which gives a tight grip on the surface making it super steady while using.

Other accessories includes 40W power input motor with 2 juicing cones and 90cm of long cord, which makes it the best citrus juice extractor among the others.

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