EcoStar Dryer SD09-300W

9,000 10,400

Washing Capacity: 9KG

 Spin Dryer
 Compact Size
 A-Grade Plastic Body
 Durable Grip Knobs
 Overload Protection

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Ecostar Dryer SD09-300W

Introducing the new generation of EcoStar dryer & Washing Machine, with unique cleaning and energy-saving features. After washing clothes it gives you a plus point to dry the clothes in just a single spin.

The revolutionary Magic drying Technology in eco star dryer always gives you neat & clean clothes that look new after drying year after year. With its compact size and amazing centrifugal rotation, the technology efficiently removes all the water droplets and makes the clothes ready for ironing.

Along with a slim design, it has an overload protection feature which controls the number of clothes for perfect drying process plus it has rust and shock-proof plastic body which is safe to use even your hands are wet.



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