Dawlance Washing Machine DW5100 DC

17,000 19,600


  • Space-saving compact design
  • Low noise and vibration-free operation
  • One-piece plastic body
  • Jumbo size washing tub
  • Strong overflow rinse

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Intended use
Type of appliance
Power source
Dimensions (units: mm)
Appliance weight
Rated operating time
Protection against electric shock
Protection against moisture
Standardized water consumption
Single Tub
Refer to specication LABEL
550 x 540 x 990
20 Kg
Washing: 1-hour operation
Class 1 appliance
Splash-proof appliance
64 (High), 56 (Medium), 48 (Low) (Litres)

Weight 25 kg
Washing Machine Capacity


Washing Machine Type


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