Dawlance Inverter AC – 1.5 Ton H Zone 30

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  • Pollution detector
  • Mosquito Repellent Technology
  • Ionizer that cleans and refreshes the air
  • Big size compressor
  • Faster cooling
  • Evaporator Cleaning feature
  • Filter clean warning system
  • Digital Protection device- protects AC from voltage fluctuation (180V-250V)

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Dawlance Split Health Zone Functionalities:

Everyone wants Less price with more functionality, so Dawlance presents to you Dawlance split health zone

with functionality more than any other device. It is equipped with pollution detector technology which monitors the pollution level in the room and adjusts itself with the situation. It also has an air-cleaning ionizer for the refreshment of the air. One of its unique functionality is mosquito repellent technology which gets rid of the mosquitoes.

Dawlance split health zone has its own digital protection device which makes it safer even in heavy power fluctuation and can work on 180V- 250V.

SpecificationsHealth Zone+ series (30)
BTU Capacity1.5 Ton
Low Voltage Startup150V
Mosquito repellent Yes
Energy Efficient Class A+Yes
Inverter TechnologyYes
Turbo CoolingYes
Heat functionN/A
Official Warranty12 years warranty
Weight 60 kg


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