Dawlance Refrigerator 9170WBLVS R NEW

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  • Up to 35% Energy Saving
  • Works on as low as 135V (No Need for Stabilizer)
  • Modern Door Handle design
  • Anti-fungal removable gasket
  • Wider and Deeper Body Design

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Tired of servicing your refrigerator every few months or throwing out food? bring home the amazing Dawlance Refrigerator LVS Series 9170WB and get rid of all your worries. A Low Voltage Start-up series 9170WB Refrigerator ensures smooth functioning even during power fluctuations and can operate perfectly at as low as 135 volts, saving you the cost of not buying a stabilizer and frequent repairing.

The wider and deeper body design makes it a perfect choice as more food items can be stored on shelves with symmetry. Say goodbye to your old fashioned refrigerator and bring the Dawlance Refrigerator LVS Series 9170WB with an elegant and modern design handle, plus with an additional antifungal gasket that ensures the food freshness for a longer time period.

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