Dawlance Refrigerator 9191WB AVANTE NOIR SILVER 16CFT

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  • Vitamin Fresh Technology
  • 5 Way cooling + 30% faster cooling
  • Optimized Fan with Deodorizing Filter
  • Side Illumination LED
  • Low Voltage Technology
  • A+ Energy Rating

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The new range of Vitamin Fresh Technology refrigerators from Dawlance offers the most advanced solution Dawlance Refrigerator Avante series 9191WB for your daily food preservation needs. It is a unique system that stimulates the natural lighting conditions from the sun through light technology. As a result, preserving the optimum level of vitamin A & C in Fruits and vegetables while ensuring the health and immunity of your family.

With low electric voltage consumption, it gives you amazing annual savings plus it can also be operational on other electric sources such as UPS and Solar energy. For keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh and healthy and hygenic Dawlance Refrigerator Avante series 9191WB  has a deodorizing function that prevents the odour of the food to mix with each other, thus keeping the freshness of the food for a longer period. Moreover, it has a 5-way 30% extra cooling featured for optimal performance.

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