Dawlance Dryer DS6000 CLEAR LID

12,000 13,800

Grey in color

plastic body

timer knob

clear lid

corrosion free drum

10 years motor warranty

In stock

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Dawlance best dryer DS6000 clear Lid

DS6000 clear lid is one of the Dawlance Best Dryer for clothes in the market. As laundry is a tiring task, to save some time and make your laundry task easier, dawlance dryer machine dries the clothes in no time.

With its powerful centrifugal rotation technique, it perfectly removes the water droplets from the clothes with just a few minutes of rotation. It contains a large corrosion free stainer drum which lets the water to drain off while spinning.

Along with other qualities, it has a timer and a shock and rust-proof plastic body which makes it safer and more convenient to use.

Weight 15 kg


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