Care Cooking Range CR-345 PLUS A CRYSTAL TOP

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  • 5 Dye Casted Burners (1Large, 2 Medium & 2 Small)
  • Full stainless steel body and Metal Top
  • High-Performance double way Thermostat for Baking
  • 100% Tempered front Glass
  • Tamchini Coated Iron Grill
  • Dimension: 34 ½ “ * 22” * 34 ½ + 20”
  • Rotisserie for chicken with imported motor
  • Bake light heatproof knobs
  • High-Performance Gas Oven
  • Imported Oven Lamp
  • Enameled Oven Tray Drawer

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Till today people are using stoves for cooking and ovens for baking seperately, but not now as CARE has come up with a great solution, cooking and baking cooking range which not only saves time but also saves lot of gas an electric energy as both the task can be performed by a single kitchen appliance, the CARE Cooking Range.

It comes wtih an amazing 5 burner design for cooking on a large scale with 1 primary, 2 medium & 2 small burners with brighter flames for faster cooking. Along with 5 burners it also has full stainless steel body and metallic top which protects its body from rust or corrosion.

Now comes the amazing part, as it contain a high performance double way thermostat for baking which makes baking super easy for you along with 100% of tempered front glass that insulates the heat thus baking the food item faster. For protection this cooking range has a tamchini coated iron grills that gives extra strength to the burners.

In addition to both cooking and baking, the CARE cooking and baking cooking range can also perform raosting with enameled oven tray drawer & high performance Rotisserie, perfect for chicken roasting. With all these amazing features, you can perform cooking and baking with perfection.



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