Welcome Cooking Range WC9999

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Non Magnetic Stainless Steel Top And Panel ,
– Magnetic Stainless Steel Sides
– High Sense Double Way Thermostat
– Tempered Front Glass
– Top Transparent Tempered Glass
– Electric Auto Ignitor
– Imported High Finish Door Handle And Glass Sections
– Heavy Grey Caste Iron Nonstick Trivets.
– Dimensions: W-36” l D-24” l H-33”

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WELCOME Branded Cooking Range

Looking for a branded cooking range with maximum features for both cooking and baking? Switch to the new WELCOME Cooking Range that is not only affordable but also comes with more features. First comes the amazing 5 burner design specially for cooking on a large scale with 1 large 2 medium & 2 small burners on the top.

For providing extra strength to the burners, it is coated with a non-magnetic stainless steel top which not only protects it from rust but also supports the burner grills to hold the heavy cooking pots while cooking.

Along with strength WELCOME’S, branded cooking range also has a tempered glass transparent top which gives it a glossy look, making it super easy to clean. In the baking section of the WELCOME Cooking Range, it has a tempered glass front door which acts as a perfect insulator, keeping all the heat inside the baking area, resulting in a faster baking process.

Apart from all the other features, WELCOME’S branded cooking range also has an electric auto ignitor which makes you free from using matches any more.


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