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This is the company's first foreign production site outside of the developed world. The same year, production of color televisions and microwave ovens begins.
We have the answers you're searching for, whether it's for your house or your business. Our starting point is how our goods and solutions can improve people's lives and workplaces. It is not the technology itself that motivates us; rather, it is how technology can improve your and everyone's lives. Sharp is the only one. There can only be one of you. Be unique.
Sharp contributes to society as a manufacturer by being the first to create distinctive goods that satisfy the changing demands of each decade. Sharp leaders have pursued this notion in their own unique ways by developing goods that benefit society, therefore establishing a business renowned and trusted across the world.

Sharp addresses all of the necessities of the modern lifestyle, from the first solar-powered calculator to the largest commercially accessible LCD monitor, copiers to solar cells, air purifiers to steam cookers, and microelectronics to microwave ovens.

It's Time for a Change

Sharp takes pride in offering you the greatest goods with over a century of brand recognition. With the digital age, the world has changed, and we want to move forward with our customers to provide a dedicated and long-lasting relationship.

Our Innovation in Technology

Sharp Appliances takes pride in being among the finest in the market, while also leading the way in many areas of being environmentally friendly and saving money on energy costs.
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