BOSS Electric Water Heater KE-10CL

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  • Watt:      1500W
  • Voltage :       230V~50Hz
  • Inner Tank:   Enameled Coated Steel
  • Capacity:      10 Liters
  • Net Weight:    7 Kgs
  • Gross Weight: 8. Kgs
  • Mounting:        Vertical
  • Automatic IC Ignition System
  • Water Pressure: Min 0.01 Mpa Max 0.0 Mpa
  • Over Heating Safety Device

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In winter, everyone wants a constant supply of warm water for bathing. Keeping in mind BOSS Presents BOSS electric water heater with 10 liters of capacity.

For protection, it has an enameled coated steel sheet giving it more strength and resistance against rust or any other weather effects. Boss electric geyser can be mound vertically on any wall, with an automatic IC ignition system that automatically starts heating whenever the water passes through the pipes.

For more protection and safety, the Boss electric water heater has an overheating protection device that automatically shuts down the geyser when water becomes too hot, thus protecting the device as well as the person using the geyser.

Weight 15 kg
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