Golden Fuji Burner ST-329R

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  • 3 Burners Cook Top
  • Surface: Steel Top
  • Gas Type: LPG/NG
  • Automatic Piezo Ignition
  • Cut Size : 630x330mm

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Cooking becomes a frustrating task when the stoves or burners are not performing well. They may leak gas or may show low flames due to blockage of internal gas pipe. Golden Fuji Gas Burner solves all the above problems by its elegant design and high-performance gas burners that never compromises on performance.

Best Golden Fuji burner comes with 3 burner designs, 2 burners on each corner and 1 burner in the top middle, with steel top covering which never catches rust and is super easy to clean by its glossy finish.

Best Golden Fuji burner works perfectly on both LPG and NG, producing brighter and odourless flames for instant cooking of food.

No need to use the matches any more as this gas burner contains an automatic piezo ignition system which starts the burner flames in just a single knob spin.

Weight 15 kg