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About the Baby Blender HB615

The 400W HB615 has a stainless steel wand and blades ideal for blending soups, sauces, dips and baby foods. The calibrated beaker has a base which doubles as a lid for food storage. The SureGrip™ black handle makes for effortless operation and comfort.

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Best Blender By KENWOOD :

Kenwood Best Blenders are designed to help maximize user comfort with a SureGrip™ handle for use with greasy or wet hands and a narrow top so that it is balanced in the hand.

Two-speed operation with pulse for total control and reduced splashing of food items, thus making neat and tidy blending. for precise control when and where you need it.

With a Powerful 400W motor Kenwood’s best blender gives effortless mixing, blending, and pureeing. Ideal for blending a variety of different foods.

Durable stainless steel blender shaft and blades are used for smooth and thorough blending.

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