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  • Power Input: 1 500 W
  • Volume of frying basket 2.6 L
  • Ready to Use in 3 Min

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There are many Air Fryer available in the market, but you never know which one will perform best. Sencor has solved the problem of choosing air fryer by presenting Sencor best Air Fryer SFR3220WH with a unique air filter for the reduction of the oil odor.

It is equipped with a 30-minute timer system for perfect frying of the chips with a temperature range of 80C for boiling the oil. Sencor best Air Fryer is also equipped with an oil-free frying system for healthy cholesterol free-fries, suitable for all types of cholesterol patients.

Some Air fryers may burn oil and can spoil fries by its bad odour but not any more because Sencor’s Best Air fryer has no oil burning feature which does not produce the bad smell of oil thus keeping the fries fresh and tasty.

Other than performance Sencor Air Fryer has some safety features such as safety lock system which prevents any accidental removal of the basket, so no chance of any damage. It also contains Non-stick Frying Basket for easy clean-Up.

One of its future is that it automatically shutdowns when oil boiling point is attained, thus it does not burn fries any more and is still cool enough to be touch with its amazing cool to touch body feature which does not conduct internal heat outside.


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