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Super Asia is another name of Innovation.

super asia washing machines

Super Asia washing machines

Super Asia serving you for many years with its quality products and making your life comfortable. Washing clothes has been a tough job but Super Asia has made washing enjoyable work. Super Asia washing machines are the perfect blend of elegant design and the latest technology, saving lots of time and money.

With the latest innovations, Super Asia washing machines are available at aysonline in 3 different categories.

  1. Simple washing machine
  2. Semi-Automatic washing machine.
  3. Fully-Automatic washing machine.

Simple washing machine:  containing rustproof and shockproof body thus increasing the life of the product with a powerful motor for a neat and clean wash every time.

Semi-automatic washing machine:  not only durable but energy efficient with twin tub feature not only washing but also facilitates you in drying the clothes instantly. Both the functionalities can work parallel without any problem, thus saving a lot of precious time.

Fully-Automatic washing machine: Super Asia Fully automatic washing machines going one step ahead and introducing the fuzzy logic concept which not only senses the dirt or grease extent but also the amount of soap and detergent, the correct spinning and balancing of the speed, thus very little human intervention is required making it the smartest washing machine of the era.

The fully automatic washing machine comes in two styles:

  1. Top load with the lid on the top.
  2. Front-load with the lid on the side with the water heater for controlling the water temperature.

All the Super Asia washing machines are available at aysonline at an affordable price, Order now from all over Pakistan via recognized banks and visa/master card, and get free home delivery at your doorstep.



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